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Services for decanters can be done at site or in our service workshop depending on wear rates on the scroll and the drum. If wear rates requires builds up on the flights the rotating parts will need to undergo corrective balancing. Balancing will be done by balancing experts that we have engaged to fulfill the requirements which includes alignment of the scroll, weight on for scroll and weight off for the drum.

Precision measurement of bearing seats and journal

Hardfacing of decanter scroll with hard facing spray and defusing of tungsten carbide and bronze chromate

Replacement of decanter tiles, being imported from USA, the highest grade tungsten carbide components

Assembly of decanter being done in our workshop


Repairs on scroll to built up wear down flights can either be done at site or in our workshop. The scroll is normally being build up with hardfacing; defusing of bronzen chromite as base material and top coating with tungsten carbide. This coating will enable the edges of the scroll to with-stand erosion during operation of the decanter. Once this is done the scroll will need to be balanced again to avoid vibration during operation due to unbalanced weight along the scroll.

Due to high sand content and foreign materials often found in sludge process, the decanter first few flights are protected with tungsten caride tiles, however these tiles may also suffer wear and tear including chipping due to it britility. Therefore these tiles will need to be replaced where necessary. We could provide with new tiles and assemble them back in place. Balancing may not be required in most cases however corrective balancing can be done at site if required.


We are fully equipped with all necessary special tools to service a  decanter whether at site or in our workshop. We ensure all bearing seats are still in operational condition before the assembly of the unit with the use of adequate and correct measuring tools to justify the seats are within tolerances


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